My Husband and I enjoy learning about technology and its application in our society today and in the future. We feel the use of past, current and emerging technologies can have a significant impact on our lives.

When we talk about past technologies we move away from the modern concept of computer based devices. Focusing more on technologies like the aqueducts complex in their own way they had an elegant simplicity to them.

Modern and emerging technologies encompass a wide range of advances in computing, bioscience, agriculture and a wide variety of other areas.
Today we live in a very dependent society that has lost its way of independent living.

We seek out methods that help bring us back to the basics and a more sustainable lifestyle. Through the use of methods and technologies like micro farming, permaculture, aquaculture, hydroponics, alternative energies and herbal/holistic medicines.
Alternative Energies
We also share a common interest in sustainable energies that contribute to a more independent lifestyle.

We debate over our favorite, everything from hydro power to the various forms of solar like solar thermal, geo-solar-thermal and photovoltaic to name a few. Geothermal technologies have also been an interesting topic of conversation in the house.

Sustainable fuel sources also are a bit of an interesting topic. The ones that currently interest us are biofuel and wood gasification technologies.