About Us

Glad you have stopped by:) My husband and I have been working on ways to integrate our interests for a while now. My children and I have a great love for biodiversity, sustainability and a love to simply pay it forward while my husband our tech support behind LotusMonkey.com enjoys topics involving technology and innovation. We believe through our efforts we may just have a very interesting and wonderful mix going!

Before I met my now Beloved, Max my eldest son and I knew we, wanted to reflect something other than the tragic experiences we had in life due to our exposure to domestic violence. Our ideas manifested in LotusMonkey.com. Nothing much happened in the way of progress after that for, we were missing a main component. A piece to the puzzle. Max and I did not know what or who that was until one day while at church a kind man introduced himself. One thing led to another and that piece we had been missing seemed to make itself known though my now Beloved. Now we know there is something more to LotusMonkey than just some project to get our minds off of things. It has become something bigger than ourselves and we want to share the journey with you as our page evolves. What we know is our main goal is one of purpose.

A purpose to improve the lives of others through the utilization, application, and sharing of our combined skills and acquired knowledge. We have a strong want to be a reflection of good in a world were at times it seems anything other than.  As we progress our site will eventually have products for purchase. For the mean time we will blog and share information on resources, products and individuals who are leading the way in the fields of our combined interests. Thank you kindly for stopping by. May this message reach you in good health.

Faith and Michael
Verteran Owned